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I'm Muhammad Khan

Web App Developer

Based in Multan,PK

Hi! My name is Muhammad Khan. I am Full Stack Web App Developer, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work.

With 05+ years experience as a professional Web designer and web developer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success.

My Journey

Digital Dreams,
Real Solutions

Hello there! I'm a web developer who's been building stuff on the internet for the past 5 years. From making things easy to use to handling big projects that can grow with you, I've got it covered.

Beyond the lines of code, my creations breathe life into responsive interfaces, ensuring a harmonious dance between form and function. With a keen understanding of client needs, I don't just develop applications; I craft tailored experiences that resonate with the unique essence of each project. Join hands with me, and let's script the next chapter of innovation and user-centric brilliance.

Website Design90%
Front-End Development86%
Back-End Development90%
API Development85%
CRM Development95%
Client satisfaction100%
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  • What I Do

    My Services

    With over five years of expertise in both industry and freelance environments, I specialize in full-stack web application development. I deliver top-notch solutions at competitive rates. My primary focus is ensuring client satisfaction, achieved through continuous service and support tailored to market needs.

  • Starter- Web Essentials

    Starts from $100

    Ideal for small businesses or startups looking to establish their online presence.Features: Basic web application setup, responsive design for desktop and mobile, essential functionalities, and 3 months of post-launch support

    Up to 5 (Home, About, Services/Products, Contact, Blog/News)
    Duration:10 Days

    This package is crafted for budding businesses aiming to initiate their digital journey. Within 10 days, clients will receive a responsive web application featuring essential functionalities like a contact form, basic navigation, and a blog/news section. Additionally, clients will benefit from 3 months of post-launch support, ensuring smooth operation and addressing any initial concerns.

  • Professional- Business PRO

    Starts from $150

    Advanced web application functionalities, custom design elements, integration with third-party tools, SEO optimization, and 6 months of dedicated support.

    Up to 10 (Including those from the Starter Package plus additional pages like Portfolio, Testimonials, FAQ, and more)
    Duration:20 Days

    Catering to growing enterprises, this package extends beyond the basics. Within a month, clients can expect advanced functionalities, custom design elements tailored to their brand, SEO optimization for enhanced visibility, integration capabilities with third-party tools, and 6 months of dedicated support to handle any queries or modifications.

  • Premium - Elite Web Solutions

    Starts from $250

    Tailored for established enterprises or organizations requiring sophisticated web solutions for complex challenges

    Customized based on requirements (Potentially 15+ pages, including E-commerce functionalities, Dashboard, User Profiles, etc.)
    Duration:60 Days

    Customized web application development, scalability for high traffic, advanced security measures, API integrations, dedicated project manager, and 12 months of premium support.

    This package is the epitome of sophistication, designed for established entities requiring comprehensive digital solutions. Over a span of two months, clients will witness the development of a scalable web application, fortified with advanced security protocols, seamless API integrations, and the expertise of a dedicated project manager. With a year-long premium support, clients can rest assured of uninterrupted service and timely updates

  • Custom Package- Bespoke Solutions

    Starts from $500

    For clients with unique requirements seeking tailored solutions crafted from the ground up.Comprehensive consultation, personalized development roadmap, specialized features and integrations, priority support, and ongoing maintenance and updates as required.

    Duration : Custom, based on client specifications and needs
    Pages : Tailored based on project scope and complexity

    Recognizing that every client is unique, this package offers a personalized development approach. After thorough consultation, a tailored roadmap will be crafted to address specific requirements, challenges, and objectives. From specialized features and integrations to priority support, this package ensures that the end product aligns perfectly with the client's vision and operational needs.

    The technology that will be used to develop this type of application is usually Laravel/Node for Backend and for front-end I prefer Vue and React.js

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My Resume

I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration to concept and execution

  • Education

    • Matriculation

      Pilot School, Multan
      2009 - 2010

      Done my Matriculation from Multan in distinguished grades

    • Intermediate Education

      MPHSSS. Multan

      Completed my Intermediate studies in Multan with excellent grades.

    • Software Engineering

      SIBU University
      2014 - 2018

      Earned my degree in Software Engineering from a prestigious university in Pakistan.

  • Experience

    • Full Stack Engineer

      2023 - running

      Experienced Full-Stack Web Application Developer at SINGLETONET, contributing remotely since January 2023.

    • Web Developer

      2022 - Present

      Dedicated Full Stack Web Application Developer onUpwork, collaborating with clients worldwide sinceSeptember 2022.

    • Lead Software Developer

      OSA- One Step Ahead
      2020 - 2021

      I got hired as a lead software developer. With a team of 20 individuals, I was largely working as a remote software engineer.


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  • Navigating the world of web development becomes more efficient when armed with the power of CSS Grid. The CSS Grid layout system offers a revolutionary way to create responsive and intricate page structures.

    By employing rows and columns, developers gain precise control over the layout, resulting in cleaner and more maintainable code. Embrace the flexibility of CSS Grid to streamline your design process, creating websites that adapt effortlessly to diverse screen sizes.

    Mastering this fundamental aspect of modern web development not only enhances your programming prowess but also ensures a smoother user experience across devices.

  • In the ever-evolving landscape of front-end development, Vue.js emerges as a game-changer, offering a progressive and versatile framework for building dynamic user interfaces. Vue's simplicity and flexibility empower developers to create sophisticated web applications with ease. Its reactive data binding, component-based architecture, and intuitive syntax make Vue.js a formidable choice for both beginners and seasoned developers.

    Vue.js introduces a component-based approach that facilitates the creation of reusable and modular UI elements. Each Vue component encapsulates its own logic, styles, and template, allowing for a clean and organized code structure.

    The Vue.js ecosystem offers a rich selection of tools and libraries that complement the framework, catering to diverse development needs. From Vue Router for building single-page applications to Vuex for state management, Vue.js provides a comprehensive toolkit. The vibrant Vue community contributes to a wealth of plugins and extensions, fostering continuous innovation and making Vue.js a versatile solution for a wide range of web development projects.

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